Two weeks ago I attended a Women’s Leadership Conference with a group of lovely women in the recovery industry. Aside from cultivating new, intimate relationships and deepening connections with a few women already in my life, I learned a lot more about my own leadership strengths and areas for growth.
One of the activities of the weekend was a writing assignment evaluating our best life. I imagined a life with significant improvements to my health, deeper relationships with my already amazing community, and further growth to my already thriving business. I even went global and decided Hillary is president in my best life, Flint has clean water, and we eradicated poverty, homelessness, and intolerance. Somehow I missed fixing gun violence; my bad. I will work on that one next!
How would you define your best life? How would you know if you were living it? What shifts need to happen to get you there? How close do you feel to your best life? I was excited to realize how close my best life actually is. I don’t have as much control over my physical health as I would like, but I can make shifts in self- care to decrease physical pain and fatigue and increase connection to my body and needs. I can keep investing in my friendships and connecting with my clients. I will never stop learning, in fact love of learning was my number one strength in the Via Strength Finder test we completed for the training. I am grateful for the opportunities I have to keep growing in self- awareness and connections to community.