Clinical Supervision and Consultation Services

You went into this profession to make a difference.

To use your own transformative life experiences in order to support others.

Now that you are providing clinical work, there are so many questions.

Am I doing this correctly?

Is my stuff getting in the way?

Why do I keep questioning myself?

Will I ever feel like I know what I am doing?

This is why supervision and consultation are vital to on-going growth as a clinician.

So many of us suffer from imposter syndrome – we constantly question our abilities and worry everyone will soon find out we’re a fraud.

It’s exhausting to live under this cloud of fear.

But you don’t have to experience doubt or fear in your abilities any longer. I can help.

I deeply understand the need for on-going consultation.

I am committed to continual learning and growth in my own practice.

In turn, this allows me to provide supportive, compassionate, and goal-directed supervision and consultation services for others.

Currently I offer off-site supervision for AMFT and APCC’s that do not have a licensed supervisor available to them at their place of employment.

I can also provide the required second hour of supervision for those whose internship only offers one unit of supervision.

Lastly, I offer one time or on-going consultation services for those that are licensed or already in supervision but would like extra support around a specific need.

Call today to learn more about how I can partner with you on your journey towards licensure. Lean into the support, guidance, and education you deserve.

‎“The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding.” – Leonardo Da Vinci