Couples Therapy

How Did We Get Here?

It feels like all you do is argue. What’s the point of trying anymore? Sure, there was a time you enjoyed each other’s company. There was that amazing vacation and who can forget the honeymoon. But lately you find yourself making up excuses to stay at the office later or plan more outings with friends in order to avoid being home. You know an argument is likely and you just do not have the energy for it anymore.

Your friends ask questions and you don’t really know how to answer. You aren’t even really sure how you got here. A million little things added up to this feeling of anxiety. Anxiety around if this relationship is salvageable. Worry about how two people can change so drastically. Wondering if you can reconnect or if you even want to.

How I Can Help Your Relationship

I am here to help you identify themes of communication that may be hindering your relationship, as well as means of returning to the connection you once knew. I know it’s generally not about the lack of love and usually about the challenges expressing it, receiving it, or relating to one another.

By evaluating messages received from your families, friends, and society around relationships as well as looking at previous relationship and childhood wounds, we can identify what is hindering your relationship today. From there you will learn and practice new tools that are practical and supportive of your goals. This will start the recalibration process to get you on the path to a new level of connection, communication, and genuine enjoyment of one another.

Call today to discuss how I can help you move forward towards healing and connection. Isn’t it time to enjoy going home again?