Experiential Therapy

Where do I fit in the world?

I don’t understand my family and feel misunderstood.

Am I the only one who feels this way or have others experienced these heartbreaking traumas?

What is Experiential Therapy?

Experiential therapy is a unique means of answering some of the previous questions. It is said that we retain 10% of what we hear, 35% of what we hear and see, and 80% of what we hear, see, and touch. Experiential therapy is a way to visualize our experiences and practically work through them.

This therapy can take place in the office or in the community, based on needs and level of comfort.
Sometimes experiential involves eating together in a restaurant or going to a store to practice buying new clothing while addressing the thoughts and feelings that arise during the process and finding new ways to cope with what comes up. Other times it occurs in the office using specific techniques of psychodrama.

Psychodrama Techniques

Psychodrama allows us to evaluate patterns in our life and relationships using action oriented interventions such as family sculpting and genograms. This helps us evaluate themes in our lives and the beliefs we created in response to trauma and dysfunction, which leads to a greater understanding of our story and process.

Once we identify how things are, we can move into how we want things to be. There is so much freedom in that! Perhaps freedom we never once thought possible.

Experiential work can be brought into individual therapy, group therapy, couples/family work, or as a stand-alone workshop.

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Learn more about how experiential therapy can increase your understanding of:

  • How you function in relationships.
  • How you can improve your relationships.
  • How you make sense of difficult experiences.

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