Healing is a powerful thing. No matter where we are on the recovery journey, there is always work that can be done. Following this, I recently decided to attend an Onsite Workshop in Tennessee. I have been interested in Onsite for a few years and as a Valentine’s Day gift to myself, and also in honor of the five -year anniversary of my last treatment experience, I decided it was time.

I spent a week in the healing trauma workshop where we met in a small group of eight to evaluate and process our trauma and family systems. During this time I practiced leaning into feelings and vulnerability. You know, all the things I request of my clients every day. It can be easy to go through the motions in our day- to- day life, and it was nice to take a week to reset.

Another major part of the program was no access to electronics. For anyone who knows me, they are aware of how difficult this would be for me. But the things that are hardest tend to produce the biggest rewards. Unplugging and leaning into relationships and staying present was the biggest gift.

I look forward to future trainings and workshops with Onsite. I have already recommended their programs to at least six of my friends, and now extend that invitation to all of you. It is truly life changing. My relationships with my group members are priceless and I know I gained some lifelong friends. I am grateful for the opportunity to revisit some wounds and sit in the triumph of my continued recovery journey. There have been ups and downs along the way, but I am thankful for every learning experience.

Five years ago this month I entered a program from a place of brokenness. Last week, I chose to do a tune up in a time where I felt strong, centered, and connected. I am excited to see what the next five years hold for me. I hope you all find the community you need to continue on the journey with me.

If you would like Mosaic Counseling to be part of that community we can be reached through our website: www.mosaiccounselingLA.com. Come and grow with us.