Group Therapy

What if you could find a place where you could be completely vulnerable and
entirely accepted at the same time?

That is the goal of group therapy.


Finding a group of people who are individually struggling yet working together to grow in cohesion, understanding, empathy, and connection leads to a deeper awareness of growth and needs. Some of the most powerful work I have seen has been on a group level.

This is an opportunity to develop deep, long-standing friendships with others who understand the unique challenges you experience.

Therapist’s Role

As a therapist, I facilitate your process. I will sometimes bring in material I think would benefit the group to review and discuss. Most of the time I will let the members take control of the topics of discussion and simply provide feedback and support. Group rules and expectations are fluid, and we work together to set up the environment that is most supportive for those involved.

Why Groups?

Groups are beneficial for many reasons. Primarily, they increase social connections. Secondarily, groups create a realization that you aren’t the only one feeling this way. There is a lot you can get from individual therapy but hearing from others who are working through similar struggles leads to a different degree of understanding.

Reach out today to see if one of my groups would be supportive of your recovery journey.

Mosaic Groups

I am currently taking names for group waitlist, but do not have active groups at this time. Reach out if you are interested in joining a process group or family support group and I can add you to the waitlist.