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Pre-Marital Counseling in Santa Monica

Start Your Relationship Off Strong

Going to the chapel and you’re…..

Getting married!

There’s so much excitement as you pick a venue, plan the first dance, and choose the food options.

You’ve never been more in love or more excited. It finally feels like all the pieces are falling into place in your life.

But there is stress too.

So. Much. Stress.

Finances, juggling family expectations, arguments you sort of expected, and arguments you didn’t see coming at all.

Why can’t this just be fun?

Pre-marital therapy will help – now & later

Life is full of ups and downs.

Having a partner along for the journey helps buffer those difficulties and enhance the joys.

Pre-marital counseling can be useful to help gain insight into how you each show up in relationships. We will look at a variety of aspects such as:

• What messages did you both receive from your families growing up about relationships/marriage?
• What are your different communication styles and how do they mesh with each other?
• What traditions are important to each of you?
• What fears do you have going into marriage?
• What did you both learn from past relationships and what wounds need to be addressed?

By evaluating these questions, and any others that come up during the process, you will gain greater understanding of yourself and your partner. It can be difficult to look at some of these things, but the willingness to do so leads to the creation of a wonderful foundation for your marriage.

Let me show you how.

Call today for a free phone consultation to learn more about starting the journey of pre-marital counseling. I look forward to partnering with you during this exciting time!

Begin your relationship strong, connected, and supported.

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