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Counseling for Parents in Santa Monica

“All the art of living is a fine mingling of letting go and holding on.”
– Henry Ellis

Sometimes being a parent is the scariest and loneliest role imaginable.

Sometimes our kids, even our adult children, make choices or have difficulties we never imagined.

When substance use, disordered eating, failure to launch, or mental illness invade, it can turn them into someone we no longer recognize.

The pleading, bargaining, threatening, and tears aren’t working.

Sometimes there is a genuine fear of losing your child.

You’re left wondering where you failed. As if this is all your fault.

Asking yourself, “How did life get like this?”

Let me show you how to reconnect.

You can reconnect with your child and enjoy a new level of understanding and communication.

I am here to help you move into a new relationship.

We will look at patterns that led to the current problems and evaluate what support, boundaries, and help is needed to create the family connections you always wanted.

Time to start dreaming again.

Call today to set up a free phone consult to learn about the various options available to help your family.

We can meet alone or with your child, depending on what would be most supportive.

I am excited to partner with you on this journey towards wholeness and connection.

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